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Attempted Murder   Leave a comment

The title is obviously a bit of fun wordplay. Two crows being an “Attempted Murder” because three or more crows together are commonly called a murder. These crows are not necessarily crows however. The difference between a sitting or standing crow and a raven visually is the possession of a larger bill, slight sheen color […]

Untangling the red string of fate   Leave a comment

Another from my Two Moons series of paintings. This one is called Untangling the red string of fate. The working title was Untangling the skein of fate, but I thought this version would work better for most people even though it slightly detracts from my original meaning and intentions with the piece. Whatever… haha, it […]

Delivering the dinkum oil   Leave a comment

Do you want to hear it? Can you take it? From yourself or maybe someone else… do you want to know? Will you accept it? This painting is titled “Delivering the dinkum oil,” and it was done in a quick expressive style with acrylic paints on a stretched canvas measuring 20″ wide x 16″ high. […]

Posted February 9, 2022 by Aarron in Random Paintings

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Impromptu baptism of the vestally reserved   Leave a comment

Impromptu baptism of the vestally reserved is the title of this one. I painted it really fast while the hand of inspiration held me. It is an acrylic on canvas painting measuring 18″ wide x 24″ high. Salaciousness and passion can overwhelm the logical mind sometimes and lead to extemporaneous actions between people. These times […]

Infusing The Ensconced   Leave a comment

I have titled this one Infusing The Ensconced, but my working title was CIB which is a little funny inside joke. Feel free to guess as to it’s meaning. It made me smile and was a wonderful humorous working title for this painting. Like my other paintings in the Two moons painting series I was […]

Impetus and Repose   2 comments

Interesting course of creation here with this one. I started it a while ago as part of my Two Moons series of paintings. The feeling I was going for was one of total comfort, togetherness, and ease. Basically a type of closeness that I can’t even begin to put into words, but thought I could […]

Lachesis’ Fantoccini   Leave a comment

Lachesis is one of the fates in Greek mythology. I’d guess you know that if you have followed me for very long. Her main job so it seems is to measure the thread of life which is spun on the spindle by her sister Clotho. Being in charge of measuring out that thread made her […]