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Overthinking   Leave a comment

In endless musings, heart begins to break, Thoughts swirl, relentless, now a stormy lake. Self-inflicted harm, to that fragile heart, An overthinker’s curse, tears it apart. Each worry a shadow, questions arise, A mind’s dark labyrinth, where solace dies. Scrutinizing choices, dissecting fate, Their thoughts, a cyclone, ever intricate. What if’s and maybes, a tangled […]

Posted June 22, 2023 by Aarron in Poetry Of My Making

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Aggregated   Leave a comment

You and I are poetry together. We are empty words apart. Collectively we quiet quandaries. Alone we feel the peace depart. Asunder life’s splendor fades. When merged we become art. poem © Copyright 2020 Aarron Laidig and I know you all are here mostly for my scribbles rather than my attempts at wordsmithing , so… […]

Posted January 7, 2020 by Aarron in Poetry Of My Making, Sketchy Stuff

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A Vacation Made For Two   Leave a comment

Regular coffee and and an ink pen was used to make this. The poem I published on Artistic flow back in April of 2016, but I hadn’t the art for it yet. Lucky you for getting to read it again. The art and poem both are included in A Coffee Stained Heart. on a beach […]

Every Night   Leave a comment

I may never again view that smirk you make, or hear you giggle with sweet delight. The touch of your hand on my cheek may be no more, but every night when I drift into sleep I will hold you tight and tell you that I love you with all that I am. _ © […]

Posted May 6, 2017 by Aarron in Poetry Of My Making

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This isn’t Camelot   Leave a comment

This isn’t Camelot and we’re not going far far away. We are who we are and this is where we will stay. There will be no happy ever afters, not for the likes of us; we ruined our chances, replaced dreams with mistrust. Don’t get upset now, because I speak what’s true. Don’t feel slighted, […]

Posted May 6, 2017 by Aarron in Poetry Of My Making

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Come Naked Before Me   Leave a comment

A page from my book. (A Coffee Stained heart) The art was done with my regular morning coffee and ink. The poem title is “Come Naked Before Me.” She would dress up for me, fresh makeup and hair so smooth… For so very long she’d play the game of trying to be pleasant. Eventually I […]

Concomitantly Devine   Leave a comment

Coffee art and poetry because I know you can’t get enough… My tarnished soul burns bright and clear when you and I entwine. The shambles of my memories, which are a bane to my existence, refrain their customary machinations as time slips away in your arms. For in those moments when we coalesce, becoming complete […]