A Vacation Made For Two

Regular coffee and and an ink pen was used to make this.
The poem I published on Artistic flow back in April of 2016, but I hadn’t the art for it yet.
Lucky you for getting to read it again.
The art and poem both are included in A Coffee Stained Heart.

Vacation Poem For Two Artwork by Aarron Laidig

on a beach with soft white sands;
we’d go walking;
holding hands.

in waters warm and blue;
we’d laugh;
and I’d kiss you.

under stars shining bright;
we’d spin;
and dance all night.

with drinks sugary sweet;
we’d share secrets;
so indiscreet.

in smooth white cotton sheets;
we’d wrap ourselves;
and share quick heartbeats.

with the warmth of afterglow;
we’d cuddle close;
letting hearts overflow.

on that island in the sea;
we’d share love;
just you and me.

I imagine

that’s what we’d do;
if ever we could go;
on a vacation made for two.

© Copyright 2016 Aarron Laidig

You can get a postcard of this art HERE.
You can get a postcard of the art with the poem included HERE.
You can get the book HERE.

~ by Aarron on April 16, 2018.

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