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Pachm 2   Leave a comment

One of a series of small watercolor and ink works focusing on deep soulful connection through physical and mental means. A true binding of two into one. This artwork is on paper measuring 12″ wide x 16″ high. Prints may be had HERE.

Posted March 18, 2021 by Aarron in The Mix, Water Media

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Messing around again   Leave a comment

No title for this. It was done with pencil, charcoal, ink, sanguine, and watercolors. It is on a piece of paper measuring 16: wide x 12″ high. Basically I was just messing around with shapes, materials, and composition. This could have been a semi-abstract piece just as easily as a figure focused one for what […]

Posted February 21, 2021 by Aarron in Sketchy Stuff, Water Media

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Rainbow World Girl   Leave a comment

This is one of those made some random art to take a break from making art pieces. In other words… “I was super backed up on client art and needed to clear my head from it all so I decided to just fiddle around for a bit.” I did this on a piece of watercolor […]

Atomic Tangerine Twist   Leave a comment

I got this new FLUID hot press paper I wanted to try out and had no idea what to do on it. I often end up doing these weird surreal dancer / yoga type images when I have no idea what to do for some reason and want to fiddle with new media. For this […]

Posted April 25, 2015 by Aarron in The Mix, Water Media, Yabber Jabber Blabber

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La Push Postcard   Leave a comment

Greetings from La Push Washington! O.k… I’m not in La Push. I’m in Port Angeles on my laptop posting this picture. I’d rather be in La Push though. It is funner to sit around and draw / paint / doodle the scenes of the NW tip of the USA than sit at my laptop. Anyways… […]

Posted March 2, 2015 by Aarron in Water Media

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Jellybeans   Leave a comment

I call this “Jellybeans.” I know you are wondering why, but I shall keep it a secret as to where the title comes from. This is nine inches in height and 12 inches in width on paper. I used ink, watercolor paints, and colored pencils for this. This is modeled after the same gal that […]

Posted February 9, 2015 by Aarron in Sizzles, Water Media

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Threshold   Leave a comment

“Threshold” is what I have titled this fabulously fun bit of art. I did this with a combo of Higgin’s ink, Micron Pigma pens, Winsor and Newton watercolor paints, Prismacolor Art Stix and Prismacolor colored pencils on a thin piece of Pro Art cold press watercolor paper. Prints are available HERE. I also created a […]

Posted February 5, 2015 by Aarron in Sizzles, Water Media

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