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Coffee art and poetry because I know you can’t get enough… My tarnished soul burns bright and clear when you and I entwine. The shambles of my memories, which are a bane to my existence, refrain their customary machinations as time slips away in your arms. For in those moments when we coalesce, becoming complete […]

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Blossoms I did with coffee and ink. This sketch was used on page 149 of my book – A Coffee Stained Heart. It goes along with a bit of my infamous babble… How strange it is that at any moment without a bit of warning a girl can cross your path and embed herself in […]

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Advice ~ So you may sleap at nite Forgive them For the sake of your soul Speak truth So you are not forgotten Stand up For the sake of the world Believe   © Copyright 2006 – 2012 Aarron Laidig Endurance and the Life Eternal

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  A great artist was given a paint brush from his wife for a present. He held the brush in his hands and because she had given it to him felt great magic in it, inspiration filled him and drowned out all other thoughts. She said “You have never painted me” He looked at her […]

Posted February 26, 2012 by Aarron in The Written Word

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