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Four Leaf Clover   Leave a comment

You can get an idea of the size of these tattoo designs by comparing them with the pen and pencils I used to draw them up. They can be in color or black and grey. Go Here = to find out the reason for the Get Lucky tattoo project. You can have these up to full size or go […]

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Time For Luck

I have had VERY bad luck since 2020. Each year is worse than the last. A constant downward spiral.I’m a superstitious guy too.I had a dream 2 days ago. That is 4/19/24 if we must put a date to it.In that dream, I talked to Lady Luck herself and she said “What you give you […]

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Lucky Rabbits Feet   2 comments

These tattoo designs are each about the size of a business card.Go Here = to find out the reason for the Get Lucky tattoo project. When I was young, rabbit’s feet were a popular thing dyed in various colors that people would carry around with them. You can have these in any color you wish […]

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A taking tree   Leave a comment

Shot through the heart… love is the bearer of the most brutal of arrows. It comes from nowhere, takes us unawares, ensnares us, and sometimes takes root to begin growing. Like all things that grow, that live… it is unstable and requires very specific things to thrive. It must thrive and grow in certain ways […]

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Turtle Yeah Yeah Yeah   Leave a comment

Yeah, well… turtle power. Sometimes I’ve not a clue what to say. Did this with Pigma ink pens on regular white paper. You can get stickers HERE.

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Pah Dee Dah   Leave a comment

I say “Pah Dee Dah” instead of pas de deux [pɑ d(ə) dø] to annoy the heck out of my daughter. She is an amazing dancer. I enjoy watching her greatly. She has been dancing now for over 10 years. It shows, she’s at that point where sometimes I’m like “Wow, look at how frigg’n […]

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Lovey Stickers   Leave a comment

Some fun stickers with groovy lovey-dovey themes. Key and heart with wings sticker can be had HERE. This design and the other three I will show here are also available on hats, shirts, and a few other things, but I primarily was doing the sticker thing so that is what I’m mostly mentioning. Who holds […]

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