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Lucky Rabbit Feet

These tattoo designs are each about the size of a business card.
Go Here = to find out the reason for the Get Lucky tattoo project.

When I was young, rabbit’s feet were a popular thing dyed in various colors that people would carry around with them. You can have these in any color you wish or in black and grey.

You can have these up to full size or smaller if you wish. The price is the same. $50.

This price is temporary as a special to spread the luck and I will end it when I feel it is time. Appointments may be made for this project through My Red Region Tattoos Facebook Page, or through my personal Instagram.

If you wish to set it up in person, my walk-in consultation hours are 10:AM till 1:PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
719 S. Laurel St. Port Angeles, WA, 98362

How a rabbit’s foot works when it comes to luck is this…

  1. Rabbits are considered tricky and of bad behavior. They are thieves from gardens after all. The left hind foot carried as a fetish neutralizes such threats from people according to folklore. So you are less likely to be taken advantage of tricked, or ripped off.
  2. Well-being is protected by a rabbit foot. Yep, the main bit of luck you get from this talisman has to do with your well-being. They are believed to ward off common ailments and even lessen aches and pains. This has been a belief amongst many people since at least 77 AD when the oldest record of it exists.
  3. General protection from extreme bad luck. Yes, the rabbit foot is mostly targeted towards luck in a way to protect you from getting played by a bad person or by keeping bad health away, but it also wards off extreme bad luck. So… rather than aiming at bringing you super good luck, it pushes away the bad stuff.

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