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Four Leaf Clover Get Lucky Port Angeles

You can get an idea of the size of these tattoo designs by comparing them with the pen and pencils I used to draw them up. They can be in color or black and grey.
Go Here = to find out the reason for the Get Lucky tattoo project.

You can have these up to full size or go smaller if you wish. The price is the same. $50.

This price is temporary as a special to spread the luck and I will end it when I feel it is time. Appointments may be made for this project through My Red Region Tattoos Facebook Page, or through my personal Instagram.

You can also still do the Phase One Rabbits Feet Tattoos.

If you wish to set it up in person, my walk-in consultation hours are 10:AM till 1:PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
719 S. Laurel St. Port Angeles, WA, 98362

My superstitious self has been scanning clover patches for these things since I was barely old enough to walk.

Some Four Leaf Clover blah blah blah…

  • Four leaves on a clover is a rare mutation that occurs in only about one out of every 10,000 clovers. That is why it is hard to find them.
  • Some older cultures believed that each of the leaves represents something, such as faith, hope, love, and luck rather than the entire clover just being a bringer of good luck.
  • Many people think the four-leaf clover can help make wishes come true and that rather than bringing good luck, they ward off bad luck. That makes it so you feel lucky because bad things aren’t happening.
  • Though four-leaf clovers are lucky in pretty much every culture on earth to some level, and they exist in many fables, I have a favorite origin story of the clover. It is that as Adam and Eve were leaving the Garden of Eden, Eve plucked a single four-leafed clover to bring with her and remind her of paradise. Thus the four-leaf clover is a bit of Eden out in the savage world.
  • My favorite luck from a clover story which is most likely myth, but possibly not, is Napoleon who was a superstitious sort like myself dodged a bullet by chance because he bent over to look at what he suspected to be a four-leaf clover. It was, and it saved his life.

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Time For Luck

I have had VERY bad luck since 2020. Each year is worse than the last. A constant downward spiral.
I’m a superstitious guy too.
I had a dream 2 days ago. That is 4/19/24 if we must put a date to it.
In that dream, I talked to Lady Luck herself and she said “What you give you get back,” and then I saw a ton of lucky symbols floating around.

So basically I took this as I must tattoo symbols of luck embued with luck so that the wearer will have good luck.
In return, if I spread enough luck to others mine will come back to me.
That is why I am doing this.

These tattoos are meant to be talismans of luck for the wearer. I’m thinking of them as lucky.

For now, I’m starting with Rabbits’ feet. You get lucky = I get lucky!
Check out the deal, $50. Size of a business card, full color.

Phase Two I have added Four-Leaf Clovers. They will bring you luck.
The deal is again $50. Full color, various sizes. Take a peek.

lucky get Port Angeles

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Lucky Rabbit Feet

These tattoo designs are each about the size of a business card.
Go Here = to find out the reason for the Get Lucky tattoo project.

When I was young, rabbit’s feet were a popular thing dyed in various colors that people would carry around with them. You can have these in any color you wish or in black and grey.

You can have these up to full size or smaller if you wish. The price is the same. $50.

This price is temporary as a special to spread the luck and I will end it when I feel it is time. Appointments may be made for this project through My Red Region Tattoos Facebook Page, or through my personal Instagram.

If you wish to set it up in person, my walk-in consultation hours are 10:AM till 1:PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
719 S. Laurel St. Port Angeles, WA, 98362

How a rabbit’s foot works when it comes to luck is this…

  1. Rabbits are considered tricky and of bad behavior. They are thieves from gardens after all. The left hind foot carried as a fetish neutralizes such threats from people according to folklore. So you are less likely to be taken advantage of tricked, or ripped off.
  2. Well-being is protected by a rabbit foot. Yep, the main bit of luck you get from this talisman has to do with your well-being. They are believed to ward off common ailments and even lessen aches and pains. This has been a belief amongst many people since at least 77 AD when the oldest record of it exists.
  3. General protection from extreme bad luck. Yes, the rabbit foot is mostly targeted towards luck in a way to protect you from getting played by a bad person or by keeping bad health away, but it also wards off extreme bad luck. So… rather than aiming at bringing you super good luck, it pushes away the bad stuff.

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A blue horse painting  in cubist inspired style by Aarron Laidig

This is 9″ wide X 12″ high on paper. Painted with acrylic paints.
Prints of this Blue Horse painting can be had HERE. Think it is around page 3 or so, I am too lazy to actually go to the site so I’m using that as an excuse to make you look at lots of my art on the way to finding this blue horse painting.
It is worth it. I paint some odd stuff. Have fun perusing the Aarron Gallery.

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Logging Truck and style/technique blah blah   Leave a comment

This is a few months old at photo time and I probably shoulda lotioned it before taking the pic. It serves it’s purpose though.
Logging Truck obviously, cool one to do. Not very big. Totally liked doing it and glad I got to see the healed version.

logging truck tattoo port angeles wa

No grey washing on this, all was done with a small liner in a pencil and ink style with straight up undiluted ink so it will last till the end of time without blurring out like a lot of washed pieces do after a bunch of years. Not picking on grey washes, I’, usually doing it that way myself day to day, but it gives an artificial appearance of details. This type of tattooing is times taking, looks a bit different, and because it is lacking those washes can’t get all smeared looking. Much prefer this over the other because of that. Washes are quick and easy though. It is also the look most people currently want. I see a F-ton by newer tattooers that are extremely overdone. They have no clue how they will look in twenty years. They will if they keep at it, but if not they’ll just think “I did awesome” while having no clue. I see so many tattoos these days on people under thirty that look like their tattoos are dang near as old as them.

There is a saying may tattooers have that goes “Bold will hold.” There is truth in it, but really what it is we see is that those base lines hold. Doesn’t matter if they are bold. There is no bold here, but it is if ripped apart all lines. Over many years it will soften and fade a bit, but will always remain readable and have detail. The same image treated in the way most blackwork tattooing is done now that is not big and bold would at this point appear more detailed at a glance because of tonal values being used to create the illusion of depth and detail. Over time though as those tattoos age they lose a lot of that and kinda meld together. The grey styles used with just a singular wash and mixed with traditional shading hold better than the ones with multiple wash mixes. You see five different levels instead of just two on the tattooers station you can bet it will be a smear long before it’s time unless it is a tattoo that is also done with very bold lines and low amounts of actual detail. Those lines will hold. It’ll make the rest work. I enjoy tiny detail, and I like thin detailed sketch like lines over the sharpie marker look so many are into currently. I enjoy the use of drawing skills while working. Every detail is drawn in when looking at the above image. No coloring book type shade and fill. It feels rewarding to do a piece in this style.

Drawbacks to this type of work? If a client doesn’t like the feel of line work it sucks. On the other hand some people like that feeling and hate the feel of shading and coloring. Could go either way. It takes more time than doing standard washes of feathering in quick shade. It is tedious so it isn’t quick. That makes it a bit more costly usually. This one for example was a pretty fast one off session, but I could have done two of them in the same time if I’d pulled out a mag and used some watered down ink. It also would have in a ways look more detailed to a majority of people. Ten years from now it’d still look cool. It wouldn’t look like this one will though.

Not dogging on washes btw. I do that style more often. It is the style people want right now. It is good styles change and trends come and go. I’ve worked through a lot of trends. They keep things interesting. This style is more fun for me though. It also calls on those illustration skills. Most tattooing doesn’t.

Anyways, enough blah blah about the style. My next client is also black and grey, but done with no liner, just a mag shader, and washes will be happening. I’ll let him read this if he is into it and we’ll talk about how the two styles differ and the benefits of each in much greater detail than I just did if he’s interested.

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Another small 9″ wide x 12″ high cubism inspired animal painting on paper. This one is of my own dog. It’s pseudonym is bubby. That isn’t it’s real name. I don’t call bubby. My wife and my daughter call it that.

american pitbull cubism painting small by Aarron Laidig

You possibly really dig  Pit Bulls, and this one is pretty sweet, so maybe you’d dig a print, sticker, or even a greeting card with this image. If so you can get it HERE.

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Still on the little cubism inspired kick. This time I have made a rooster.

cubist rooster painting by aarron Laidig

This is (like the last one) just 9″ wide x 12″ high on paper. Prints can be purchased of this rooster HERE.

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