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Logging Truck and style/technique blah blah   Leave a comment

This is a few months old at photo time and I probably shoulda lotioned it before taking the pic. It serves it’s purpose though. Logging Truck obviously, cool one to do. Not very big. Totally liked doing it and glad I got to see the healed version. No grey washing on this, all was done […]

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The Punisher    Leave a comment

The Punisher  (Francis “Frank” Castle) is one of my favorite Marvel characters. Basically, he’s an anti-hero… usually cast as an Italian-American, but not always… hardcore vigilante who employs mega violence to fight crime. This makes him a colossal criminal himself, but… he punishes the guilty. He’s ex-military / ex-cop… got crazy after his wife and […]

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Flowery   Leave a comment

So, this is a couple of years old, and I didn’t take the pic, the person wearing the art posted it and sent it. Actually sent a few and I turned a couple of the pics black n grey with a filter and put one I left colored over the others. Figure one pic is […]

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A boat in the storm   Leave a comment

When you look at this tattoo you will most likely be looking at the Hannya mask or Oni mask if that is what you think it is. (I am calling it a Hannya mask for the record) What I was all into however when tattooing it was the idea of that little boat tucked down […]

Sacred Geometry   Leave a comment

The person who got this tattoo was an interesting fellow. He was super into pyramids, aliens, crop circles, and sacred geometry. His idea was for a tattoo based on sacred geometry coming out from an eye. His references were primarily pictures of crop circles. I used a couple of the patterns from the crop circles, […]

WTF is a Bio-Mech tattoo?   Leave a comment

Time for another installment of my fabulously entertaining random tattoo phone pics. It was a early summer morning in Port Angeles and I hadn’t finished my coffee yet. The sun was already shining much too brightly for eyes used to cloud cover and rain. A girly I know sent me a nice morning text and […]

King Of The Sea   Leave a comment

For this weeks installment of random tattoo cell phone pics I bring to you the king of the sea. Poseidon! Did this a few years ago. It was in one of my mixed phone files on my laptop, so not sure exactly when. What I remember about the piece is that the guys had an […]