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The Punisher  (Francis “Frank” Castle) is one of my favorite Marvel characters. Basically, he’s an anti-hero… usually cast as an Italian-American, but not always… hardcore vigilante who employs mega violence to fight crime. This makes him a colossal criminal himself, but… he punishes the guilty. He’s ex-military / ex-cop… got crazy after his wife and kids were killed by the mod and they needed to be punished because the system failed.
Sadly because of “woke culture” this cool logo (the tattoo) which has always been the Punisher logo and worn on his chest is no more as of 2022. Marvel has become very woke and into race-baiting and division these last few years. It’s about who’s guilty, it is about skin color to Marvel all of a sudden.
Even so, the fans are fans of the old Punisher which existed from the 70s till 2022. He’s violent, he’s bold, he uses guns, and he punishes the guilty.  

Obviously a fresh pic. Not local, so don’t expect a healed one for a year or more, depending on when their next tattoo craving hits.

So the client said they wanted this Punisher tattoo, and they had some reference pictures of a specific style of tattoo, and of some Punisher logo looks they liked. They wanted the blended background to resemble diamond plate, but still have the same look as the tattoo style they were showing me. It was the first time ever I’ve had to figure out a mix of diamond plate and the specific graphic style they were wanting. That made it kinda fun to figure out… a simplistic, yet obvious diamond plate that had some tech grunge vibes and didn’t overpower the skull. If you aren’t familiar with diamond plate, just think of the toolboxes you often see in the back of pickup trucks.

Anyways… yeah, that is about it on this one, but wanted to post it because I dig THe Punisher.

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