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This guy got a tattoo of a scene from his childhood. The style is surrealism meets pencil sketching.

When the guy first hunted me out for this project I was not taking new clients. Other tattooers in the area told him so, but he thought I’d make an exception. Note that I’d not been taking new people unless close family of good clients for almost six years. It has only been this last year that I have opened up for new people again.

The reason he thought I’d make an exception is that I knew this scene personally. I was there. I knew his mother. In this picture we see him, he’s sitting in front of a TV which is now dated, but then was the norm. He is playing asteroids, the room is full of smoke, and a tad of color through the bent up venetian blinds shows the cops have arrived in the area, but it is such a normal part of life he’s just continuing with his game. More was discussed, and maybe will happen. I just basically built the scene from the bottom up starting with the smoke, always trying to just slightly twist, distort, and turn the images so it seemed unreal, dreamlike, but still keeping it based in reality because that is how dreams work. True surrealism in execution and intent.

The clients reasons for getting this are his own, so I’ll not discuss, but they were good enough reasons to get me to agree to the piece before I had decided to open up again to new clients.

Anyways, this is a quicky cellphone pic I took of it when he last stopped in for something else. It is a few months old in the picture.

The reason for the weird frame around the pic is I posted it to my Instagram first and they like everything square.

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