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I always have a few themed projects going on.
Check them out and see if one sounds like your cup-o-tea.

Current Tattoo Projects:
1. The Pop Project.
Think trees, logging, forestry, etc.

Current Painting Projects:
1. Semi-custom, expressive, cubist inspired animal paintings project.

For those not familiar with me & my projects:
General info on why I do these projects.

My painting projects are often themed around an abstract thought or social phenomenon.
Occasionally they are themed to an object or location.
My reasons for picking these themes vary, but usually it reflects a part of my life, a belief, or a desire to make a statement.
In most cases I show the finished work in multiple venues.
In other words… If you model for a painting hundreds of thousands of people may end up seeing it.

My photographic and digital art projects are almost always tied to a visual theme and often have a social message.
In many cases these photos will be used for what some like to call “my liberal propaganda.”
I always show a portion of the work in one form or another publicly.

My tattoo projects are almost strictly for my own enjoyment.
I have been tattooing since 1985 and to be honest, I get rather bored. My project themes range from subject matter themes to art styles and body parts. I pick the themes based on my own current interests and do the tattoos strictly for my personal photo collection.
Sometimes I show the finished works publicly, but that is usually on a whim rather than anything else.

Posted November 14, 2012 by Aarron

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