Semi-custom, expressive, cubist inspired animal paintings project.   Leave a comment

Your chance to get an original painting for just $100.
Yes, an original, not a print.

Semi-custom, expressive, cubist inspired animal paintings project

These are 9″ wide x 12″ high. They are painted with acrylics on stiff paper.
This deal ($100 for an original) is for a semi-custom painting in this style and as stated.
You tell me the type of animal you’d like. You also tell me if you have a specific color you’d like included.
I will then make a painting for you. You must pic it up in person at my studio. The original is yours.
It is that simple.
If you cannot pick it up in person and need it shipped I will do so in the USA only. The fee for the original without in person pickup is $150.
Still an insanely low cost for an original.

Note this says Semi-custom, expressive, cubist inspired animal paintings. Animals only. You pick the animal and give a single color to be worked in. The rest is all up to me. The finished product is going to be something like the examples above, but still a surprise.

If you would like this done before Christmas, please order before December 5th.

Semi-custom animal painting

Animal and Color?

This project is basically a for fun thing. If you wish to commission a painting of this style in a different size, on a different substrate, or with more specific details of your choice included you may, but at my normal fees. Please contact me through Facebook HERE, or Instagram HERE if you are wishing something of that sort.

Estimated time for completion of painting after ordering is 2 weeks.

Prints from the paintings in this project will be available via Fine Art America as the paintings are completed.

As always, I retain all rights to my work. This special offer for an original does not include any rights, nor is it considered a work commission. The offer is as stated without any deviations from what explained.

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