Time For Luck

I have had VERY bad luck since 2020. Each year is worse than the last. A constant downward spiral.
I’m a superstitious guy too.
I had a dream 2 days ago. That is 4/19/24 if we must put a date to it.
In that dream, I talked to Lady Luck herself and she said “What you give you get back,” and then I saw a ton of lucky symbols floating around.

So basically I took this as I must tattoo symbols of luck embued with luck so that the wearer will have good luck.
In return, if I spread enough luck to others mine will come back to me.
That is why I am doing this.

These tattoos are meant to be talismans of luck for the wearer. I’m thinking of them as lucky.

For now, I’m starting with Rabbits’ feet. You get lucky = I get lucky!
Check out the deal, $50. Size of a business card, full color.

Phase Two I have added Four-Leaf Clovers. They will bring you luck.
The deal is again $50. Full color, various sizes. Take a peek.

lucky get Port Angeles

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