The “Pop” Project

If You don’t want to read… basics Half price if you stay on theme with Pacific Northwest Forests and or logging industry related ideas. By Appointment.

So, This is a tribute project. Part of one actually. It is to my Grandfather’s memory who was a large influence on me. There will be more, but for now… Pacific Northwest Forests and the Logging Industry and related. (Think Trees)

So, The deal is as long as I feel it is within the theme and follows the rules I’m going to list you are at up to half my normal rates for tattooing. There is no limit on size, and if you decide to go hog-wild with it I’ll keep the pricing structure at the discount throughout the tattoo. I cannot however go below my $50. minimum if you are getting something small and simple. Your $100 tree can become a $50 tree, but your normally priced $50. stays at that.

The tattoo must primarily be focused on one or more of these things –
Chainsaws, axes, hatchets, trees commonly logged, and preferably Douglas Fir, logging equipment, scenes, etc.
It does NOT need to be specifically about logging. It can be a stand of trees or a mountain scene. It can be an old stump. It could be a bunch pine cones. It can be a little hatchet. It can even be a single tree of Fir, Cedar, or Pine. These are actually things I tattoo pretty regularly because of my location, but not all at once.

STYLE – All up to you. It is the subject matter I am aiming for. Get realistic, artsy, cartoonish, whatever. Go with an ink drawing sketch look, or go with a watercolor look. It is all good.

No text unless it is part of the imagery itself. An example would be having a Stihl Chainsaw saying “Stihl.”

If you are interested you may contact me through my tattoo FACEBOOK PAGE or my INSTAGRAM. You may also just stop in during our consult hours if you wish. Tues, Weds, Thurs from 10:AM till 1:PM. Red Region / Luna Gallery – 719 S. Laurel in Port Angeles.

Note that this is my November 2023 special deal, just starting a bit late. It is possible I will carry it on, but if you are into it I suggest booking sooner than later.

Again – contact me through my tattoo FACEBOOK PAGE or my INSTAGRAM for this.

Posted November 6, 2023 by Aarron