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Four Leaf Clover Get Lucky Port Angeles

You can get an idea of the size of these tattoo designs by comparing them with the pen and pencils I used to draw them up. They can be in color or black and grey.
Go Here = to find out the reason for the Get Lucky tattoo project.

You can have these up to full size or go smaller if you wish. The price is the same. $50.

This price is temporary as a special to spread the luck and I will end it when I feel it is time. Appointments may be made for this project through My Red Region Tattoos Facebook Page, or through my personal Instagram.

You can also still do the Phase One Rabbits Feet Tattoos.

If you wish to set it up in person, my walk-in consultation hours are 10:AM till 1:PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
719 S. Laurel St. Port Angeles, WA, 98362

My superstitious self has been scanning clover patches for these things since I was barely old enough to walk.

Some Four Leaf Clover blah blah blah…

  • Four leaves on a clover is a rare mutation that occurs in only about one out of every 10,000 clovers. That is why it is hard to find them.
  • Some older cultures believed that each of the leaves represents something, such as faith, hope, love, and luck rather than the entire clover just being a bringer of good luck.
  • Many people think the four-leaf clover can help make wishes come true and that rather than bringing good luck, they ward off bad luck. That makes it so you feel lucky because bad things aren’t happening.
  • Though four-leaf clovers are lucky in pretty much every culture on earth to some level, and they exist in many fables, I have a favorite origin story of the clover. It is that as Adam and Eve were leaving the Garden of Eden, Eve plucked a single four-leafed clover to bring with her and remind her of paradise. Thus the four-leaf clover is a bit of Eden out in the savage world.
  • My favorite luck from a clover story which is most likely myth, but possibly not, is Napoleon who was a superstitious sort like myself dodged a bullet by chance because he bent over to look at what he suspected to be a four-leaf clover. It was, and it saved his life.

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