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The person who got this tattoo was an interesting fellow.
He was super into pyramids, aliens, crop circles, and sacred geometry.
His idea was for a tattoo based on sacred geometry coming out from an eye.
His references were primarily pictures of crop circles.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo on ribs by Aarron Laidig done in Port Angeles Wa

I used a couple of the patterns from the crop circles, but needed to go in a different direction for the other two and the bit surrounding the eye because of aesthetics.
Like usual I got lost in my research and went overboard. I have always been aware of sacred geometry because of something called the golden ratio or golden rule of composition in art.
Golden Ratio
Pretty much all artists are familiar with this. I can’t actually even recall a time I didn’t know about it. I would guess however that I came across the concept when I was maybe 5 or six because I was a fanatic for Salvador Dali’s work when a child and he used a lot in his compositions. In my teens I went through a phase where I would use either the golden rectangle (shown above) or the golden triangle as the basis for almost all my basic layouts in my paintings.
So… if by chance you are not familiar with this “golden ratio” concept… here it is in a nutshell. It is 1:phi. Its numeric equivalent is 1.618… it goes on and on for eternity. There is no end. We are not limited to rectangles (above) or triangles (mentioned earlier) This ratio can be applied to any shape. Circles, triangles, pyramids, prisms… It is all about math. This concept of spacial foreverness if applied to a visual composition is pleasing to most humans peepers. It lets the viewer sink in and makes a person pay attention long enough to spark the mind. It is… rather amazing.
Even with this huge background I have involving the golden rules of composition and that magical ratio I have never went out of my way to read much about sacred geometry though.
I should have. The golden ratio falls within the realm of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry has it’s roots in art and IS art of it’s own.
So… what exactly is sacred geometry? It is the universal patterns found in all natural structures and life brought forward to be used in our own human creations to make them more than they otherwise would have been. It is way to big a thing to explain here. I recommend you google it, but if you are too lazy (or don’t care about the concept much) if you check the Wikipedia page on it you can get a tiny inkling of the concept.
Anyways… I’m now personally hunting down and reading everything I can on it when I get spare time.
Part of what got me on the path so hard was the client who got this tattoo talking about pyramid power. Here is the Wikipedia page on that topic. It is also to big to get into here, but I was also very aware of pyramid power and have read extensively on Pyramidology over the years while somehow skipping the parts about sacred geometry.
The combo of all this made me recommend the book Still Life with Woodpecker to my client which I had just re-read myself a couple weeks before. It is a work of nutty fiction all about pyramid power, aliens, the moon, and redheads. (which my client was) It is an odd book though, so I have no idea if he will like it’s style.

As for me… I am most likely going to start F’n around with some sacred geometry and other geometric patterns in my art again because I am thinking on it heavily. I may even do a special project in the future involving it. I currently am really into that idea, but I like to let such thoughts simmer for many months before I tackle any all out projects to be sure I am truly in love rather than just temporarily infatuated with an idea. We shall see.

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