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Poetry   Leave a comment

Poetry. I did this with a ballpoint pen. My model was a lovely girl who can be described as poetry herself. My cell phone camera with no special lighting came next and a couple image filters to make it look as it does finished it off. This is a finished product, but not THE finished […]

Posted February 15, 2016 by Aarron in Photo Tweaking, Yabber Jabber Blabber

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The time she wore red   1 comment

A lovely new painting for you all to feast your eyeballs on. I call this one “The time she wore red.” When I originally started on this painting I had a completely different visual in mind than what I ended up with. It wasn’t that the painting took me off in different directions as sometimes […]

Posted March 24, 2014 by Aarron in Erotic Paintings

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Sacred Geometry   Leave a comment

The person who got this tattoo was an interesting fellow. He was super into pyramids, aliens, crop circles, and sacred geometry. His idea was for a tattoo based on sacred geometry coming out from an eye. His references were primarily pictures of crop circles. I used a couple of the patterns from the crop circles, […]

Conjugated Mentation   Leave a comment

Conjugated Mentation is the title for this one. It is a 9″ wide x 12″ high acrylic on non stretched canvas painting. Click the pic (or HERE) to see the image larger. I was reaching when I went for this. I had a basic idea of two women. They are in a deep state of […]

Posted January 3, 2014 by Aarron in Random Paintings, Sizzles, Yabber Jabber Blabber

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Sparrow Rose one   Leave a comment

A few months back I showed you a painting called Sparrow Rose Two. I mentioned that a painting was done a few years before that which I had titled “Sparrow Rose.” I’d planned on posting a picture of it, but I simply couldn’t find one. The actual painting is no longer in my possession so […]

Steph’s Feet   Leave a comment

Some guys have foot fetishes and some literally hate feet. I personally go back and forth, but always appreciate nice feet on a gal. Pretty feet are awesome. The problem arises for some foot fetishists though that many women with nice tootsies don’t get it, don’t get into it, and don’t understand it. The flipside […]

Star Songs   Leave a comment

When I started on this painting I was going with a daydream. It was of being a wolf. I was running through the hills and listening to the howls of my love. She was running too. Both of us ran through forests and valleys, up hills and over streams with the moonlight shining on everything. […]