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Logging Truck and style/technique blah blah   Leave a comment

This is a few months old at photo time and I probably shoulda lotioned it before taking the pic. It serves it’s purpose though. Logging Truck obviously, cool one to do. Not very big. Totally liked doing it and glad I got to see the healed version. No grey washing on this, all was done […]

Posted January 17, 2024 by Aarron in Tattoos by Aarron, Yabber Jabber Blabber

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A boat in the storm   Leave a comment

When you look at this tattoo you will most likely be looking at the Hannya mask or Oni mask if that is what you think it is. (I am calling it a Hannya mask for the record) What I was all into however when tattooing it was the idea of that little boat tucked down […]

Little Cheetah Bow   Leave a comment

Another Random Tattoo Phone Pic for ya. This one is… A little cheetah print bow with a cute heart button. I actually wish I had taken a real pic of this one in hindsight. It is just so darn cute and looks so much nicer in real life than my cruddy little phone pic captured. […]

Posted March 28, 2014 by Aarron in Tattoos by Aarron

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Cheerfully challenged since 1961   Leave a comment

“Eeyore.” That’s what my wife calls me sometimes. I get in these moods, and well… I just feel low. Then she makes fun of me saying in Eeyore’s voice “nobody loves me, Oh, poor me, I never get what I want,” and stuff like that. I will admit it, I get a little down when […]

King Of The Sea   Leave a comment

For this weeks installment of random tattoo cell phone pics I bring to you the king of the sea. Poseidon! Did this a few years ago. It was in one of my mixed phone files on my laptop, so not sure exactly when. What I remember about the piece is that the guys had an […]

Roses & the death card   Leave a comment

So I found these pics in one of my phone pics files ( You can read about those here and follow the tag here ) The pictures above were taken after adding these fun roses around the tattoo to frame it in and fill the area. The girl who has the tattoo originally came to […]

Mystery portrait   Leave a comment

So I found this picture in one of my phone pics files ( You can read about those here and follow the tag here ) I am currently drawing a 100% blank on this tattoo. Seriously can’t remember anything about it. My only clue as to anything concerning this one is that I did it […]