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Rainbow World Girl   Leave a comment

This is one of those made some random art to take a break from making art pieces. In other words… “I was super backed up on client art and needed to clear my head from it all so I decided to just fiddle around for a bit.” I did this on a piece of watercolor […]

Dancer study   Leave a comment

I decided it had been to long since I mixed it up with materials. I decided to fiddle around with some watercolors and see how it worked with a bit of sanguine mixed in. I ended up needing to toss in some sepia too because the sanguine was to harsh and red for the quick […]

Intensity   Leave a comment

Here we have one of my very rare watercolors. Not rare for me to use watercolor this year, but very rare to use it all by it’s little lonesome. I have been doing a lot of erotic ink and watercolors this year, but this is my first erotic watercolor of 2013 to not have any […]

Posted March 24, 2013 by Aarron in Water Media

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A goddess viewed by humans

Title = “Demeter in the view of mortals” Demeter was in myth the goddess of the harvest. She controlled the fertility of the land and was worshiped for giving of the foods that grew. Demeter also presided also over the sanctity of marriage and the kept the cycles of life and death. She and her […]

Old Sketch Books   2 comments

I was hunting around for some watercolor paper the other day and came across a watercolor sketch book from the mid 2000’s. It was just some random small book that I doodled in back then. I have always had such things as far back as I can remember and have lost hundreds of them over […]

One of those moments

Title = “One of those moments” (click image to see a larger version) Watercolor washes and a few pigma pens are what I used to make this one. I half love it and half hate it. The composition and colors are great in my mind, but I went a bit more realistic than I usually […]

Banana Eaters – Paintings Series   Leave a comment

The Banana Eaters My latest and greatest (some may say odd) art project, and I need models. Looking for locals for this one.   (click the pics) Here is what I need… YOU – dressed in something funny/sexy/goofy/odd/playful – whatever. Think of playing dress-up. Props are an added bonus. Express yourself. I am considering each […]

Posted May 2, 2012 by Aarron in Yabber Jabber Blabber

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