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The Banana Eaters

My latest and greatest (some may say odd) art project, and I need models.

Looking for locals for this one.

Banana Eaters Art Project


(click the pics)

Here is what I need…

YOU – dressed in something funny/sexy/goofy/odd/playful – whatever.
Think of playing dress-up. Props are an added bonus. Express yourself. I am considering each painting a collaboration work. Your personal expression is important here.

I would love to take pictures of people I have never worked with before for this one.
(All you who I have worked with I am pleased to have you too)

I will take just a dozen or so reference photos of you to create my fun Banana Eaters painting.
Don’t expect it to be much like the photo… I often just reference and go bananas with my style. It will not be totally realistic.
Photos will be from the waste up. I don’t care what kind of pants-skirt-shorts-etc, you have on. Don’t worry about color clashing or stains, or any of that. I am painting, the photo will never be seen… so that stain on the front of your 1920’s retro blouse ain’t gonna ever be seen.

The only rules as to posing is that you will be ‘about‘ to eat the banana and I am looking for eye contact with the camera.

I got this idea from watching someone eating a banana in a coffee shop who was staring at me. I asked them “Don’t you know the rule about never making eye contact with someone while eating a banana?”
A fun conversation ensued.

So… if you’d like to be part of this project and be a work of art shown to millions (o.k. – ┬ámaybe just a fifty to a hundred thousand or so) give me a jingle.

What do you get?
Not much except the novelty of being involved in the project itself.
You will however also receive a nice little matted print of the painting you are in.

It will take just minutes to take the few photos necessary, but I do need advance notice. If you know my hangouts and such… anyplace is cool, otherwise I will be taking these fast pics at Electric Beach during my hours there. Bring your own banana!

If you have never modeled for me before, please don’t fill out the modeling form just for this project. It isn’t needed.

Banana Eaters Modeling

If for some reason you are local and don’t know how to get a hold of me, you can use this form.

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