Owl Totem

Totems are basically objects or animals which individuals and entire societies believe to have spiritual significance so they adopt the object or animal as a sort of symbol to represent themselves.

Of the many animals which have been adopted as totems throughout history the owl is definitely one of the most common to have been picked.
Depending on the society which has adopted it the owl is as likely to be fears as it is loved. Owls have been associated with wisdom and foolishness, they have been seen as good luck and bad both. No matter what though if owls exist in a location at one point or another the people who resided in the same area found it worthy of attaching superstitions and or reverence.

Before I babble to much about owl lore I should probably show you my drawing.
Owl Totem Drawing By Aarron Laidig
The original drawing is a bit under nine inches in hight. I did it with a single Pigma Micron Pen.
If you dig the design you can get prints, cards, stickers, and more via RedBubble.
It’s cool so you probably should.

Now back to my babble.

My favorite bit of owl folklore comes from the ancient Greeks. Athene was the goddess of wisdom so people really liked her. She thought owls were the coolest of all critters because the appeared smart and solemn in her view. She blessed the owls and took one as a companion. The owls became sacred to the people who worshiped Athene. The owl became a totem for them which represented wisdom, Athene herself, good fortune, and protection.

~ by Aarron on April 13, 2018.

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