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Interesting course of creation here with this one.

I started it a while ago as part of my Two Moons series of paintings. The feeling I was going for was one of total comfort, togetherness, and ease. Basically a type of closeness that I can’t even begin to put into words, but thought I could capture the feeling of visually.
The painting was about two thirds done when I was pulled away from it and all of my other artistic endeavors as well. I’m still pulled away from them and it is driving me batty, but… one must do what one must do in life and often that includes moving in strange directions outside of the normal path.
So, this one (painting) was making me especially distressed sitting there undone. I had to finish it. I had been up and working (at the thing that has temporarily pulled me from my art) for over thirty hours. This undone painting had sat for a full month. I decided to tackle it anyways. Time enough for sleep in the grave I like to say. I sat down and stared at it… searching for the feelings that inspired it, and… they were gone.
All of the other Two Moons paintings have been done with the feelings and emotional mindset in place while creating them, but this one is a hybrid. It is a blend of what I had been feeling when it started and a bit of something more recent. I had no other way to complete it as I am focusing on feelings rather than thought out ideas with these. That second set of emotions / feelings I worked from was more frenzied, lusty, needy, and zestful. My end result when I looked at the painting initially annoyed me, but after it sat a few days I started to see something cool in it.
Those two things I captured complemented each other in a sense I hadn’t thought of. Though tackled in reverse order… from the calm to the storm… on canvas it could be red in the opposite manner. That frenzied, lust filled needy force feeling and then the calm and perfect tranquility of oneness rather than the other way around. All of a sudden I liked this piece.
It still has a bit of a different vibe than the rest of the paintings in the series, (some I have posted , but most I have not as yet) but still fits nicely in both look and feel.
Impetus and Repose. That is what I have titled this. It is 18″ wide x 24″ high on stretched canvas.

Impetus and Repose semi abstract erotic painting by aarron Laidig from the two moons series of paintings

If you are loving on this artwork you can get prints of Impetus and Repose via Fine Art America / Pixels or via ArtPal. If you purchase a print via Art Pal I’d really appreciate it if you messaged me about your experience. Speed, ease of ordering, quality of print, and anything else that sticks out to you. I’ve only uploaded a few things to them so far and they seem like they have a cool setup, but I have yet to start promoting my gallery as I would like a good bit of feedback first.

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