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I have titled this one Infusing The Ensconced, but my working title was CIB which is a little funny inside joke. Feel free to guess as to it’s meaning. It made me smile and was a wonderful humorous working title for this painting. Like my other paintings in the Two moons painting series I was going for semi-abstract, highly expressive, erotic, and sensual. In this case I also wanted to make sure I expressed some heat, closeness, a culmination moment, and both a stillness in part along with chaos in another as two parts become one from different perspectives.

Infusing The Ensconced

Infusing The Ensconced painting by Aarron Laidig

I’m unsure how successful I was with the overall composition of this one, but I feel I was decently successful in bringing to life the moment I was trying to recreate which was of higher importance to me with these paintings.

You can get prints of this painting HERE via Fine Art America / Pixels.

You may also find a remixed version as prints HERE via Society6.

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