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I’m not exactly sure what I was going for here. Is it now? Is it the future? The youth of America are living in a childhood of uncertainty right now. They are blessed with lives of ease compared to any generation before them… abundant food, cell phones in their pocket that give them access to more information than any university of old ever could. So many channels, such an abundant amount of entertainment, fashions for all rather than just a worry of staying clothed, but oh how stressed they are, and oh how uncertain their futures. We’ve created a society without easy-to-set goals, endless wars, and new forms of tribalism. Our governments are corrupt and rotten to the core, can’t be trusted… enemies we must sleep with. What shall tomorrow bring? How do they cope?

The title is Monk-E because this stuffed animal lives in my home and is named Chunky Munk.

You can get prints of this fabulous artwork HERE.

I also did a re-mix which you can see and get HERE.

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