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This is a 9″ wide x 12″ high bit of paper I did some quick acrylic washing on.
I basically made this by quick sketching and doing washes with paints I already had out while working on a larger canvas.
On completion my work partner in crime, complainer of my messes, and most harsh art critic said… I don’t like it.
She then said one of the figures reminded her of a porpoise.
Not to leave me confused or feeling like she was incorrect she showed me pictures of baltic porpoises and declared herself to be obviously in the right.
Her position of self-imagined rightness obviously meant I agreed with her in her mind.
Since I had no great inspiration or purpose, I figured why not go with porpoise, and since they are people doing something of some sort which can be decided by the viewer… people with a porpoise is the title that stuck.

Prints can be had HERE.

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