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Well, it has been a harsh few years for me and my art projects.

I was midway through the tattoo portion of my botanical project when covid hit and the government shut down pretty much everything. Art galleries and tattoo studios were some of the first on the list.
They were like “Hey man, you can’t work, F off and starve to death.”
Everything else went south too… It blew in a bad way.
Someday I hope to financially recover, but who knows? I was never able to catch up on client work, and the building which I worked in was a lease, so when the owner decided to sell it made stuff extra messy.
I’m just now settling into new digs, and just now finally headed back into serious work mode.
Part of that is picking up where I left off and getting back to my projects.
First on the list is my botanical tattoo project.
I’m writing a book filled with awesome stories based on mythology attached to plants. The original mythologies will be referenced in fun ways and explained. The significance of the plants within the mythologies will be examined.
Since I seem to never want to do anything the easy way I decided to illustrate the book with tattoos. Since even that seemed not enough of a challenge I picked a very specific art style and design criteria for the tattoos which play on old book printing done with hand-made copper plates.
I’m a glutton for punishment it seems.

I’m now moving into phase two finally (years later) of my tattoo project.

You, yes you can be part of this if you’d like.

Here is the link to PHASE 2.

Here is the link to the original project description.

Here is a link to a temp FAQ I made a long time ago about it.

and here is an example of the style phase 2 is done in.

I’m also back to taking on more tattoo work, but not new clients still except for my projects… and yes project tattoos get you on the client list.

As for paintings, illustrations, etc. (things where I can work at odd hours without scheduling with people), I’m taking commissions again. So if you’re looking for some art in one of my styles give me a holler.

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