Temp FAQ for botanical tattoo project.

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my botanical tattoo project and I thought a frequently asked questions page was needed. Here it is.

  • Can you do them smaller? No. They are all roughly nine inches in height and six inches in width. I’m happy to do smaller ones at my normal rates, but I can’t use them for the project.
  • Can you do them in color? No. They are all done with black ink. The designs are done in a style which look great with color however so if you wish to at a later date add color you may and it will look fabulous.
  • Can you do another flower / plant / tree etc. which wasn’t on the list for me? Maybe. Feel free to ask. I included the ones I must do for the book, but some others would possibly be able to be included.
  • Can my friend and I get matching ones of the same plant? No. Once someone gets one then I don’t need to do it. You can however get it as a separate and matching piece if you wish at normal rates.
  • Why did you take the one I wanted off the list? I remove them after someone comes in and sets up an appointment.

I will be adding to this page as more questions come in.

Go HERE to read about the project.

You may contact me via the messaging system on Facebook for this project.

Example image to show style of designs in tattoo project