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Well, this one was made specifically to be a shirt design, but makes a cool sticker too.

Combo of draw and digital here, with a majority being digital and a filter hit at the end to smooth it all together.

You can get stickers HERE.

You can get a T-Shirt HERE.

So… before you go ordering it because you just think it looks way pimp and you dig male deer, or maybe think it is like an old-school “I.m a single dude forever” type statement, you should know that “STAG” has another meaning in our current culture.

A stag is a slang term in certain circles for a married man who digs watching and or participating in extracurricular activities of the sexual kind involving other males. In other words, he likes to watch his wife have sex with others and sometimes likes to participate. He does this from a place of pride and power, relishing the sexiness of his spouse who in such a scenario is usually referred to as a vixen and or hotwife. Many don’t like the hotwife term because it is also used in cuckolding, which btw has a completely different dynamic that often neither vixens or stags like.

I did a cool painting called The Chary Vixen where I talk more about this. Check it out HERE.

Anyways, if you are a stag married to a vixen then this is the shirt for you. Get it HERE.

With all that said… If you just dig it because it is a cool male deer image, like nature, etc. then it is still just that. I could totally see a woodsy sort of person sporting this that had no idea about any of that vixen/hotwife stuff. It is after all just a stag image with the word stag. The babble above was because the making of it had to do with that, rather than the more common usage of the word “Stag.”

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