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Another painting from my Two Moons Painting Series.

This one really took on a life of it’s own as I created it. Zero planning, just a feeling.

Emotions, thoughts, feelings… they can never be fully expressed with words. The words don’t always exist. They can however sometimes be better expressed visually.
Abstract art is the best vehicle for that, but I can’t go completely abstract, it doesn’t jive with my creativity. Plus, this feeling… this conscious and unconscious thought, my emotions that couldn’t be expressed through words happened to fit perfectly within the confines of my Two Moons series.
Where does art come from? Dreams, love, and nature contribute to be sure.
Where do dreams begin and end? What is real or imagined? What is nature if not love?
I’m not a great philosopher so I will leave the answering of those questions to those who are.

So, to the art.

Nourishing Essentia

My idea here was I am the earth. I am the hard soil unable to nourish myself and if left alone would eventually dry up, cracking, and then turning to dust leaving nothing except a desolate landscape behind me. Nature provides. The Fates provide.
My soul needs to be nourished, so comes the opportunity. Maybe I am smart and take it, maybe I push it away, maybe I take it, but then think it is only temporary… So she comes. She is all that I need.
In this painting, I am represented as the earth and the earth as me. She is represented as nature’s gift, and nature’s gift is represented in her.
She covers me. I am fully enveloped and protected. Let her be leaves, grasses, flowers, moss, lichen, whatever… it doesn’t matter what form to that degree, just that she is there and has cloaked my with her love. She keeps me warm, and as small tendrils of her grow down deep into me she keeps me from drying out, she sends nourishment. If she stays I will be healthy forever. Those tendrils of herself she sends into me find something magical as well. Nourishment flows both ways. She needs me as much as I need her. She becomes lush, full, and vibrant. Nature is in its most beautiful state. Together we are what we are meant to be and our best forms come to be.
Free will is a bitch. We humans don’t know what is best for us. We are filled with doubts and often make mistakes.
Will she stay and grow? Will she depart and shrivel up to less than she could have been? Will I who am the momentarily rich and healthy soil lose my nourishment? Will the cloak be lifted and without her I die?
At the time of this painting I had no clue as to the answers. I only had that dream.

I created this painting I’d guess around three years ago. Often I stash them (my paintings) away and don’t show them (if at all) for many years. I usually hide them away and when I pull them out again I get to see them with new eyes. Instead of the creator, I am the viewer. With this one I saw it multiple times a week. It has been in full view up high on a wall in my studio the entire time. If I looked at it I would remember the feeling of my dream. To be fully enveloped in a way that nature intended. To feel nourished and safe. To feel complete and as I was meant to be. Dreams fade. Art can keep some of them alive. Maybe not in their totality, but they still exist.

o.K. I’ve babbled enough. Prints of this painting can be found HERE.

Also, If you are new to my art blog I’d like to point out that most images can be clicked on to see larger examples. All you lovely people who have followed me for years know that, but… I do pick up some new people and I thought it should be noted.

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