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Not sure if this qualifies as what I call “Pop Cubism,” but I’m going with that as my stated style. So far the only person who has seen it gave it two thumbs down basically because they give all my work which they call “The angled stuff” and things like that two thumbs down. This style sells not very well for me as well when it comes to prints compared to my illustrative and expressive styled works. I’d say it is discouraging, but really it isn’t because I enjoy making paintings in this style. Also, the fact that I do sell some prints in this style shows that I am not alone in liking it. I’d rather make a few people very happy than everyone just a little happy.

Anyways… The art =

Trinal Surprise explores a variation of a common fantasy that many couples who engage in the hotwife lifestyle or swingers lifestyle have.
Basically, the fantasy is that the woman (wife) is blindfolded and a mystery man appears from some hidden place or at a set time. The mystery man then engages in fun and mutually enjoyable activities with the wife (often called a Vixen) while the husband watches the activities and often films or takes pictures.
In this fantasy it is common that the mystery male departs before the wife removes her blindfold which adds excitement and prolongs the game by her being left wondering.
Here I have added the element of true surprise as the wife (vixen) is expecting a mystery man, but has no clue that there are three rather than just one. Her planned surprise will become a true surprise.

The composition in this piece was very deliberate. I show who I wished to portray as the watching husband larger than life and in a manner that both brings him forward of the action yet also keeps him back in the action. It is hard to mess with perspective like that in this style as I (as the artist) was working with pretty flat imagery. Only the fact that extreme distortion is available to me in this style made it possible. The reason for this treatment of the husband was because this is HIS fantasy rather than hers.
It is obvious she agreed, and is enthusiastic about the fantasy of a mystery man and being blindfolded, but she is to be surprised when one becomes three. The husband set it up as a surprise and without her foreknowledge. His reason for such a thing would be to watch the scene play out with voyeuristic bliss.
The wife has become an actress without a script.
In such situations the husband can only hope his fantasy come to life will be taken in stride by his wife and that she finds it enjoyable to be part of such a show.

It is a dangerous game the man plays.

So… now that you’ve all been given this long-winded blah blah about Trinal Surprise I think you should get yourself a print of it. You can do that HERE.

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