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Moirai regarding a string on the skein   Leave a comment

The Moirai regarding a string on the skein is a representation of the eyes of the Fates looking at their handiwork when a tangle appears. Love and lust are often the reason such tangles can appear in their well-woven web. Maybe the Moirai had a plan for these two, and the lovers are following the […]

Posted November 15, 2022 by Aarron in Erotic Paintings

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Bestowing metanoia to the licentious   Leave a comment

Fine Art Painting. The voracious sensualist becomes something new. This happens because such love brings enlightenment. Bestowing metanoia to the licentious

Emotive Sensatory Fusion   Leave a comment

With Emotive Sensatory Fusion I had the desire to depict a deep physical, mental, and emotional connection between soul lovers.

Numinous Conformation   Leave a comment

This one took a while. Frigg’n honeycomb… ugh. I also lost the feeling I was working with mid-way on the thing because of other non-art distractions messing with my brain. That caused a bit of a break because it was important for me to have the proper feeling represented. Gotta feel it to make it […]

After Munch’s Kiss by the Window   1 comment

We all have our favorite artists I think. Mine is and always has been through my adult life Edvard Munch. His complete body of work is to me THE most complete body of work encompassing human emotions any artist has ever created. It is my personal belief that his obsessive nature is what allowed him […]

Pimpelpaars rose bouquet   Leave a comment

This paintings is 16″ wide x 20″ high. A plum color pervades, almost the color of a dark bruise. They are almost kissing, whether they are about to do so, do it at all, don’t, or have just completed the kiss is up to you the viewer. They themselves are part of this symbolic bouquet […]

Many Colored Tulips   Leave a comment

This painting is 16″ wide x 20″ high, acrylic on canvas. It was painted with two brushes only as I was a bit lazy in grabbing what I really needed from one art area to bring to another. There is a lot of meaning behind this painting, but as I often do I am going […]

Posted February 18, 2019 by Aarron in Erotic Paintings, Random Paintings

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