Pimpelpaars rose bouquet

This paintings is 16″ wide x 20″ high.
A plum color pervades, almost the color of a dark bruise.
They are almost kissing, whether they are about to do so, do it at all, don’t, or have just completed the kiss is up to you the viewer.
They themselves are part of this symbolic bouquet of roses. In it, at one with it, a central part of it. Roses… love with thorns? I made it a point to show no thorns, but also not make it appear as if the stems have been de-thorned. I did that by just hinting at the leafy bits. Again it is up to you and if thorns exist or not.
I suppose we could be philosophical about it and ask if thorns can even exist if we cannot see or feel them at all.
Pimpelpaars rose bouquet… Prints can be had HERE.

~ by Aarron on March 12, 2019.

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