The voices of past decisions

When I started this painting my working title was simply “inner dialog,” but when I stated this painting I also had no idea what I was about to paint. I know it would be me at the center, and I knew it’d be me in a hooded jacket looking out at myself which is also out at you the viewer.
That is basically all I knew. The rest just kinda manifested on it’s own and I was a bit surprised that my inner dialog became so demon-ish.

The voices of past decisions painting by Aarron Laidig

So obviously my inner dialog isn’t very kind to me, and obviously I don’t enjoy it, but… demons?
I needed a new title for sure. It took a few days to come up with one I thought fitting and I finally settled on The voices of past decisions.
Regrets… I have many. Some are big, some small, but they are there. That is what was eating at me the night I went to work on this one.
The voices of my past decisions are demons.

You can get prints of my ever so lovely self portrait with inner dialog right HERE.

May your inner dialog be more peaceful than my own.

~ by Aarron on April 8, 2019.

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