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Hither Huginn Thither Muninn   2 comments

Hither Huginn Thither Muninn is the title of this painting. It is an expressive representational work concerning the comings and goings of Odin’s ravens which were named Huginn and Muninn. The painting is 24″ wide x 30″ high. Hugin and Munin fly each day over the spacious earth.I fear for Hugin, that he come not […]

Attempted Murder   Leave a comment

The title is obviously a bit of fun wordplay. Two crows being an “Attempted Murder” because three or more crows together are commonly called a murder. These crows are not necessarily crows however. The difference between a sitting or standing crow and a raven visually is the possession of a larger bill, slight sheen color […]

Untangling the red string of fate   Leave a comment

Another from my Two Moons series of paintings. This one is called Untangling the red string of fate. The working title was Untangling the skein of fate, but I thought this version would work better for most people even though it slightly detracts from my original meaning and intentions with the piece. Whatever… haha, it […]

Bestowing metanoia to the licentious   Leave a comment

Fine Art Painting. The voracious sensualist becomes something new. This happens because such love brings enlightenment. Bestowing metanoia to the licentious

A Chary Vixen   1 comment

A Chary Vixen. The working title was “the anxious vixen” or “Her first time.” Vixen wife painting.

The Devine Nelumbonaceae   Leave a comment

The Devine Nelumbonaceae di·vine1 /dəˈvīn/ adjective1. of, from, or like God or a god / goddess – holy devine worship.2. INFORMAL = excellent; delightful. Nelumbonaceae or better known as ‘The Sacred Lotus’ is a mysterious flower to be sure.Very few plants have as much symbolism and mythology attached to them.Many Eastern philosophies/religions/myths look at it […]

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Emotive Sensatory Fusion   Leave a comment

With Emotive Sensatory Fusion I had the desire to depict a deep physical, mental, and emotional connection between soul lovers.