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Random tattoo phone picture because I just had the thought “I have not posted a tattoo in a bit, and I told myself I would. I just dumped last months photos from my phone to the pc, and I scrolled… this was the first tattoo I noticed. Winner winner chicken…. yeah yeah, random is the key.

skeleton with no head tattoo done in Port Angeles at Red Region Luna Gallery Tattoo Port Angeles, Wa

What I recall with my space cadet artist fried brain here is the person who got this sent me a few skeletons with flowers and wanted the basic idea, but with certain features, plus the butterfly on a finger and I asked if I could do random wildflowers. I basically ripped off the lower section, copied the spine style, re-drew the ribs because I didn’t like the ones I saw because they seemed to dark for a floral piece. I looked up wildflowers, got bored looking for something fresh, and mostly went with my own. I do lots of tiny flower stuff, so no problem.

The client got this on the back of her calf, it was a quick one sitting thing, she sat fine (actually laid on a table because doing the back of a calf isn’t always comfy in a chair) no crazy stories to go with it. I took a pic, went on about life, saw the pic just now and remembered all that.

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