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24″ wide x 18″ high acrylic on stretched canvas.
The title is Triumphant Submission.
When I started it I had something in mind of a sexual rapture…
It ended up sitting unfinished for 6 days between my first and second painting sessions on it though, and I guess my mood had changed so the painting did as well.
Even so, there is a bit of that rapture left in it.
Paintings of this type really are best if done all at once. Start to completion without interruption, holding the same moods, thoughts, and feelings in hand… and putting them on the canvas with the brush.
Life doesn’t always allow that though. This painting is a blend of thoughts and moods because of that. Maybe though that is good. I hate being interrupted, but new things are created because of those interruptions. New things are good, new experiences, feelings, combinations… growth.

Triumphant Submission, full of ecstasy, bliss, rapture… dionysian, a ménage à trois gone right, the perfect threesome, a third eye sacred sexual moment… yeah, F if I know.

It is charged though.

Prints can be had through Fine Art America.

You should get a print. I recommend getting it on Canvas so it looks just right and brings the magic alive.

This artwork was also listed on ArtMajeur, and on Saatchi Art.

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