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Bestowing metanoia to the licentious   Leave a comment

Fine Art Painting. The voracious sensualist becomes something new. This happens because such love brings enlightenment. Bestowing metanoia to the licentious

A Chary Vixen   1 comment

A Chary Vixen. The working title was “the anxious vixen” or “Her first time.” Vixen wife painting.

Abstract Enosis 1   Leave a comment

This painting is 16″ high x 20″ wide on stretched canvas. Painted with acrylic paints. Prints of this painting may be purchased HERE. I also created a digital remix version which can be found HERE.

Posted January 30, 2022 by Aarron in Erotic Paintings

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The Devine Nelumbonaceae   Leave a comment

The Devine Nelumbonaceae di·vine1 /dəˈvīn/ adjective1. of, from, or like God or a god / goddess – holy devine worship.2. INFORMAL = excellent; delightful. Nelumbonaceae or better known as ‘The Sacred Lotus’ is a mysterious flower to be sure.Very few plants have as much symbolism and mythology attached to them.Many Eastern philosophies/religions/myths look at it […]

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Emotive Sensatory Fusion   Leave a comment

With Emotive Sensatory Fusion I had the desire to depict a deep physical, mental, and emotional connection between soul lovers.

Numinous Conformation   Leave a comment

This one took a while. Frigg’n honeycomb… ugh. I also lost the feeling I was working with mid-way on the thing because of other non-art distractions messing with my brain. That caused a bit of a break because it was important for me to have the proper feeling represented. Gotta feel it to make it […]

Impromptu baptism of the vestally reserved   Leave a comment

Impromptu baptism of the vestally reserved is the title of this one. I painted it really fast while the hand of inspiration held me. It is an acrylic on canvas painting measuring 18″ wide x 24″ high. Salaciousness and passion can overwhelm the logical mind sometimes and lead to extemporaneous actions between people. These times […]