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For the heck of it…

art painter limerick with grumpy muse

Limericks become legit trash poems if you keep going with them as evidence of the above. Considering limericks are trash fun in their simplest form already, I suppose it is best to stick with the 5-line and done rule.

There once was a muse full of spite,
Who spit in the artist's paint, quite a sight.
Her mischievous act,
Left his masterpiece cracked,
But he painted anew, with delight.
There once was an artist so keen,
Whose paintbrushes always stayed clean.
With a quirk so bizarre,
He'd clean them, no jar,
Just his mouth, a peculiar routine.
artsy goofy artist limericks with after the wife enthusiasm
There once was a painter, quite frisky,
Whose talent was fueled by whiskey.
With each glass he'd drain,
His brush danced in champagne,
Creating masterpieces so risky.

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