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Digging around because I’m working on setting up a new studio. Found this…

Native NW Thunder Bird from 1994

It is a stylized NW Native theme design. The design itself is not the point, it is that the thing was actually dated. 1994… I remember that time pretty well as far as my tattoo work went in relation to this one. I usually had about a half dozen designs up on the wall framed of this style which I had drawn. After tattooing them I’d take them out of the frame and crinkle them up before tossing them into the trash. One-offs… Each hand drawn with ink, tattooed, then the drawing was tossed. My clientele when in my studio was I’d guess about 30% Native American overall at the time average. I’d get streaks where it was more than 90% for a month or two. These clients came primarily from just a few tribes. I who am white I’d guess to have been one of the more knowledgable historians of art indigenous art styles and meanings throughout the pacific northwest. It was accidental, it all came from tattooing and my obsessive personality. I worked with a lot of artists from those tribes too in creating things. It was a fun time. I no longer draw anything of this style unless requested by a client. My clientele for tattooing still is probably around 20% overall. 35 plus years of tattooing, lots of drawing in this style, some of the common themes I can really whip out quickly. Still like the look of the stuff too.

You can get a shirt with this design here if you like.

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