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Other stuff to see… and other places to chat with me.

I posted this list on another one of my sites (exactly how it is below) and someone got hold of me saying that I should have it posted here too because it took them forever to run across my Facebook and they would have loved to have been able to contact me there.
So… I copied it and pasted it here.

Red Region (my tattoo site)

Fine Art Originals (my erotic art originals catalog)

Aarron Laidig Fine Art (My art prints on Fine Art America)

SEXY SIZZLES (my combo digital and traditional erotic art creations)

My Society6 portfolio (mostly tattooish, but not only… T shirts, hoodies, etc,)

My RedBubble (stickers, shirts, cards, etc… of my cool works)

You can also find me on…

Instagram (New to it, but I post pretty regular)

Twitter (I check it about once or twice a week, but post semi often via phone)

Tumblr (Post regularly, but am not active on tumblr otherwise)

and I have two separate Facebook pages.

My General Art Page on Facebook (Paintings, drawings, etc,)

My Tattoo Page on Facebook (Just My Tattoos)

All of the above are ways to reach and interact with me. Please feel free to leave comments and such on my posts. I do respond, but since I am not a super active person on social networks it may sometimes be a day or few.

This is not even close to a full list of the places you can find me or my work online, but it is a list of the places I currently use/check/visit the most.

~ by Aarron on February 11, 2015.

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