Foreseeable Retrospection

I have titled this one Foreseeable Retrospection.
Foreseeable retrospection painting by Aarron Laidig
It is 20″ wide x 16″ high on a bit of non stretched canvas.
Acrylic paints are what I used.
You can get it as a print HERE via Fine Art America.
I suppose stylistically it is a bit surrealism and a bit expressionism with a big bunch of Aarronism in it.
My thoughts were not really on the style or even the composition which I usually am always aware of. In this case i’d say I was lucky because I like the composition and it happened by accident.
As usual I shall leave it up to you the viewer to get whatever meaning (or not) you may from it as I hold my lifelong stance that art is something that can only really be experienced subjectively by the viewer. It is all about life experiences and ways of thinking. For many this will be a very moving painting with relatable symbolism. while to others it may be a case of “What the fuck is that all about?”
If you are of the group which finds it relatable, thought provoking, or moving… again, prints can be had HERE.
Since Christmas is around the corner I will add a bit of babble.
If you are not in the market for art yourself, keep it in mind that art makes for a great gift.
As a person who supports himself off of my artistic endeavors 100% I feel it is in my best interest to mention that every once in a while.
It is also in the interest of art itself to keep people thinking about such things. All of us painters of pictures need to keep roofs over our head and food on the table. It isn’t always easy as we don’t get regular paychecks. Feast or famine is how many of us roll. Not all have been as lucky as I either. Every bit of art you buy (for yourself or as a gift) helps us professional artists keep painting and concentrating on our art instead of worrying about bills or how we can afford to buy our supplies. Buying art from unknown and aspiring artists helps them work towards someday quitting their day jobs to hopefully someday pursuing art full time. The arts (all of them) are important. Keep them alive and buy art from contemporary artists. Note that I said contemporary… That Rembrandt print you bought last year didn’t help anybody besides the execs at the company who printed it and maybe the retailer a bit. Nothing wrong with buying such things. I have many art reproductions of the master’s works. It doesn’t however help keep art moving in today’s society to purchase them.
So… Purchase some art from the people working today. That is my Christmas shopping art spiel.
I also added Foreseeable Retrospection to my society6 portfolio which is a bit different than Fine Art America and has many new and emerging artists. If you take a look around (check all my stuff out first) I’m sure you will find something of interest.

~ by Aarron on December 9, 2016.

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