Dark as pitch

Haven’t posted anything of a naughty nature this month yet and I figured that is just wrong of me on about 20 levels.
I could maybe even harm my reputation.
It just can’t do!
On the other hand… I really don’t have any groovy erotic paintings I am wanting to share atm.
Just to keep things naughty on artistic flow however I am going to give you a kinda sorta sexy picture.
Really isn’t “art” or anything of that sort.
It is just a hotel room shot that I hit with high a contrast black and white filter app.
The outcome is to me rather cool.
dark as pitch naughty art photography

When I decided to upload this and looked at it closely I saw it as an even sexier image than before, but in a dark and almsot sinister way.
The words “dark as pitch” came to mind in thinking about what type of a sexual situation the photo shows. Scary sexy.
I know this may not be a fitting title however because only I know what was going on in the picture.
Much disappeared via the filter app. Chains, toys, a few other odd implements. It may not even be obvious to you (the viewer) that these girls are in garments made to accent the idea of wicked naughtiness. Yes… shiny black latex with metal studs rather than silken panties. The girl on the bottom is shackled with the aforementioned chains on the hotel room floor. Oh I wonder how this scene came to be?
Not really… I actually know that part. I took the picture obviously.
Anyways… when I heard the words “dark as pitch” in my brain it was super fun because I heard it in the voice of Blix from the movie Legend. That is the title btw… LEGEND. It is an 80’s flick with Tom Cruise. It is very weird and cool. If you haven’t seen it I think you should so you can know the voice of Blix. His actual lines in the movie where not “dark as pitch” though. He actually said “Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch.”
Yes… that is a flavor of sex my friends. Dark, black, twisted.
It is (for the record) not a flavor I usually partake in. I am more of a sugary sweet or passionately romantic sort I think. I’m also a bit of a “lets play naughty” sort. Rarely do I brave the games suggested in this image. Not my thing.

~ by Aarron on April 15, 2015.

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