Bee Bee Bonita

Bee Bee Bonita is the title of this painting.
Bee Bee Bonita Banana Chiquita was the full title, but I thought it was a bit long.
Go with it if you want to, but I’m just going with Bee Bee Bonita.
I didn’t name it. This piece was a commission. The person who commissioned it gave it the title which it seems is the name of the bird in the painting.
Bee Bee Bonita Painting

So anyways, here is the original.
I did this painting in a very expressive manner.
Here is a detail section to see it a bit better.

detail of expressive work Bee Bee Bonita painting

I used just one brush for the whole deal.
The paints were a mix of liquitex basics, golden advantage, and some low end delta acrylics. I finished it with a semi glossy acrylic liquitex varnish.

I did a slight remix too.
Here is the remix …

Bee Bee Bonita Remix

I am only making the remix version available as prints.
They are available via Society6 and also RedBubble.

As this was a commissioned piece created as a gift I kept the remix in mind the whole time since I didn’t intend to offer up the original as a print.
Though at a glance they appear very similar you can see the difference in the final look easily up close.
Here is a detail of the remix version…
Detail of remixed version

and again, in case you missed it (I know you didn’t) prints are available via Society6 and also RedBubble.

~ by Aarron on March 26, 2018.

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