Skully was actually a little Styrofoam skull I brought around with me as I traveled for a few years. When he wasn’t traveling the globe he usually nestled in my studio or bedroom which gave him a birds eye view of pretty much everything of major importance (to me) that I ever did.

This is a little 12″ x 12″ painting of a skull which I have given the simple title of “Skully 5112015” which is basically a tribute to my mascot and a number that lets me know which skull painting/drawing someone is referencing when it comes to sales , prints, and other stupid stuff I need to keep track of sometimes.

skully on Artistic Flow

Now the weird thing with this is that I actually painted it to do a digital remix of it. The painting is super textured and I had gotten the idea that a texture of that sort would be picked up way easy in Photoshop for me to play with.
This is the result and finished product.


I did it for my Society6 portfolio so the remix is simply titled Society Skull. (yes that is a link to the print)

Here is the link to the original painting Art Print if that is more your style.

~ by Aarron on May 11, 2015.

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