Cuisses de Grenouille

Nom Nom Nom Cuisses de Grenouille is SAUTÉED FROGS’ LEGS for you non foodie types.
I know what you are thinking… “What the fuck is that about?”
Well, back when I used to travel one of my favorite things was going around to restaurants in various cities and trying all the yummy and sometimes odd foods. Frog legs are someplace in between the two in my book. Odd for where I was raised, but not super rare in other places and as for tastes… well, I gotta say it is one of those things that can be good, bad, or ehhh. It all depends on where you are and who cooked them up along with what they are served with.

There is a story that goes with this painting.
I once met a girl who was as cute as can be. We hit it off and she kinda sorta put the moves on me.
We ended up a bit buzzed and in my hotel room where some fun getting to know each other games happened.
After a bit of recovery time and some getting to know each other chat I went to the restroom for a minute.
When I came back out I found her in this very provocative pose which I always happen to like because it says all that needs to be said.
This cute as can be girl said “I’m ready for more. Come and get me.”
The cute level was to much and I laughed a bit, which caused her to make an exaggerated pout that coupled with her position on the bed somehow reminded me of a frog.
I then laughed even more and when she asked what was funny I told her what I thought making sure to add it was a very cute and desirable type of association even though frogs in general don’t really get thought of in that manner very often.
I succumbed to her offer obviously and we got to know each other even better. I felt we were fast becoming great friends.
At one point she ended up on her tummy with me behind her and her knees were pointed outward with her legs folded up so her heals were over and on my calves.
It was a very frog like position and though I had forgotten about all the froggy stuff it seemed she hadn’t.
She decided to without any warning start saying “ribbitt, ribbitt.”
Very funny and though it kinda changed the vibe from super hot and sexy to funny and playful it was a good move as we spent the next 20 minutes having funny playful type sex before it turned back to naughty heated sex.
The next evening I took her to a French joint with the idea of having cuisses de grenouille as our main course.
She wasn’t really down with that , but we did get these extra crispy battered deep fried frog legs as an hors-d’oeuvre which she after much doubt decided she liked a lot.
That my friends is the story for the inspiration of this particular painting.
Cuisses de Grenouille Erotic surrealism painting
Please click the image to see the painting larger.

I also did a fabulous remix of this painting for Society6 which you can see here: Cuisses de Grenouille Remix.
Besides prints it is available on shirts, phone cases, throw pillows, bags, and… my favorite is a wall clock. This really looks sweet as a clock.
My weird brain however tells me it is going to be throw pillows that take the top spot on people diggi’n this one however because if any pillow ever came with a sweet dreams motif this one does.

For those wishing to get a print of the original painting… you can find prints via Fine Art America.
My recommendation for this is to go with a 12″ x 12″ canvas print because it will resemble the original most, but that is just me. My prints seem most popular on Fine Art America as mat paper prints so that shows what the F I know.

~ by Aarron on May 14, 2015.

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  1. Just shared this on my Facebook page The version I posted on Facebook has been modified slightly. The bit of nipple showing within the sunshine portion was removed. I edited it (covered with yellow sun) for Facebook because Facebook deems female nipples to be offensive and vulgar. Male nipples are fine, but replacing a female nipple with a male nipple doesn’t work. Once the male nipple is copy and pasted or painted onto a breast of a female it seems it becomes offensive also. My conclusion is that Facebook deems all nipples of any variety to be offensive and vulgar if attached to a female. This is easily proven by posting pictures of females whom have undergone mastectomy. Once the breast has been removed Facebook will allow a shirtless female to grace it’s pages. Removal of breast tissue and nipples is obviously the only way women can live up to Facebook’s standards of what women should be.

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