Black Rhinos

Black rhinos used to chill all over sub-Saharan Africa, but nowadays they are on the verge of extinction due to poaching.
What a sad world we live in when we humans will kill off an entire species just for fun and to feed our stupidities.
The main reason to kill these guys is for their horn. The oldest and best known reason is because the horn pokes up like an erect penis which leads to a silly belief that ground up horn helps with erections. Asian cultures especially go for this one so a lot of rhinos die each year simply so someone can grind a horn to dust in hopes it will give them a stiff member.
That is a silly reason for sure, but as a guy I can still understand it in an abstract way. We males are very attached to our penis. (yes that was a pun) Desperation can lead to a lot of foolishness and make people do things they know isn’t right.
The biggest reason however that rhinos horns are wanted in our modern day and age isn’t for the magical stiffening properties people think they have.
We can thank Viagra for that I am guessing.
An even sadder reason exists for the killing off of this amazing creature.
The filthy rich like to display rhino horns as a status symbol. The rich like to give rhino horns as presents.
It is a disgusting thought that humanity has such people in positions of power.

If the reasons don’t bug you then maybe the way of poaching rhinos will make you pay attention.
Poachers make a lot of money. It is a big dollar game. They are pretty high tech.
Imagine if you will night vision goggles and a quite long range tranquilizer dart flying through the air into the rhinos flesh.
The rhino falls asleep peacefully and then wakes in the morning.
The problem here is that these horn poachers have hacked off the horn and the rhino slowly bleeds to death.
That isn’t man against beast. It is just a gross misuse of technology. The rhino doesn’t even have a chance to know what is coming.

Anyways… I won’t babble more. I suggest however that you get googling some black rhino facts. Maybe read up on their ever increasing danger of extinction. Maybe check out a few “Save The Rhino” groups. Their are many, but they are not funded like the mega rich who are the consumers of their horns.

Ok, I know you are all here for my art. 😉

Black Rhino Artwork done Aarron Style
(Click it to see it bigger)

I did this with Prismacolor colored pencils and a tiny bit of bit of black Micron Pigma pen.

Prints of this Black Rhino Art can be had via my Society6 portfolio.
I am especially digging the Rhino clock, and these pimp Rhino phone cases. T-shirts, cups, and greeting cards are also available. Fun stuff if you are a lover of rhinos!

A few links for the lazy:

~ by Aarron on May 22, 2015.

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  1. Like the rant and the painting.

    we have the love of animals and the need to paint about their plight in common.

    if you get time look at the site….,,,,,,,, eddie

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