Conjugated Mentation

Conjugated Mentation is the title for this one.
It is a 9″ wide x 12″ high acrylic on non stretched canvas painting.
conjugated mentation small painting with a oneness in meditation and harmony theme
Click the pic (or HERE) to see the image larger.

I was reaching when I went for this. I had a basic idea of two women. They are in a deep state of meditation, but not the type where one works to completely clear the mind. It is a focal meditation. A sort of omphaloskepsis where the two are one so it is still self contemplation even though two bodies exist. Omphaloskepsis is the act of navel gazing if you are unfamiliar with the term. I figured I should mention that because the majority of the human race isn’t into things that would familiarize them with such terms. If you are a yogi, deep meditation enthusiast, spiritualist, mystic, or shaman of some sort, I am obviously not talking about you. You have probably become perfectly aware of every crevice in your navel.
So… back to my little painting.
I wanted to… in a simplistic manner portray these two separate bodies of energy as beings who have become so in sync with each other they are in all ways one entity rather than two.
They are in focus together. One thought and one mind. They have transcended the boundaries of normal, everyday connections. They are in essence true soul mates. Their souls, spirits, minds, etc… have mated.
We are not talking about the contemporary romantic comedy type soul mates here that are so common in our movies. We are also not talking about the tragic sort of soul mates so common in classic English literature.
We are talking perfection of harmony. We are talking union. No stray or unlike thoughts.
Conjugated mentation.

You can get prints of Conjugated Mentation HERE.

I also created a SIZZLE version of this painting in which I attempted to enhance the lunar magic type qualities of the imagery while removing some of the earthy feeling of the work.
I think the reason I went that direction with the Sizzle is because the night after I created the original painting, but the day before I attacked it with my PC software I sat down and read ‘Still Life with Woodpecker‘ by Tom Robbins. I’ve read it many a time over the years, but it always sticks in my brain for a couple days after.
Usually it makes me want to paint redheads and explore pyramid power, but after just completing this little painting the night before it set me off on the mysticism of the moon. To enhance the lunar power I needed to remove the daylight. It takes some of the surrealistic feeling away, but the moonlight version is nonetheless striking to my eyes.
Clicking the image of the Sizzle version will take you to a larger version residing in my Imagekind Sizzles Galleries Section.

~ by Aarron on January 3, 2014.

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