What’s My Destiny?

What's my destiny? digital manipulation art

My daughter modeled for this.
What you are seeing is a square cropped version. The original can be found HERE.
She was super excited about what I did with the eyes.
You can get prints of this HERE.

Sometimes I explain pieces when I know a few won’t get it right off, but I am not going to in this case. If you don’t get the vibe of this piece or what it is about I don’t think I can explain it to you. It would probably be impossible.
With that said… for those who dig it I hope you share it around on your various social networks.

I also did a completely different version that has a totally different feel.
She liked this second one a lot.
I personally didn’t dig it as much from an artistic standpoint, but I do dig the vibe it puts off.

What is cool here in showing these two images is how different things can be when actually pretty much the same. It is kinda like how different sentences can mean completely different things depending on the tone of voice used.
The same words can be a statement or a question with just the tiniest change of inflection.
The same type of thing can be said of images.
Two photos of the same girl taken less than 60 seconds apart in a similar stance become totally different because of lighting, colors, expression, and treatment.
Basically I said “Tilt your head downward and cover your hands.” then I ratted up her hair. “Click click.” Then I fiddled with the two photos separately going for different things.
It’s the little things I tell ya.

the stary destiny
If you dig this second version…which I am kinda calling “Starry Destiny,” you can get prints and some low cost posters via RedBubble.

~ by Aarron on February 9, 2016.

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