9 Oranges

May daughter was being real weird yesterday and claiming to be able to do many things I knew she couldn’t.
Juggling was one of them.
I said “No way do you know how to juggle girl.”
She claimed she could and said she would prove it.
She wanted a few minutes to practice though.
I went for it and she asked if she could use a few oranges.
I gave her a few minutes of practice time before I went and checked on haw she was doing.
She seemed pretty proud of her juggling, but was not impressed when I said “That ain’t juggling girly. You have to use your hands to toss them into the air for it to be juggling.”
Not a happy camper.
I told her not to worry about it though because levitation was just as cool.

Yep, that’s what happened.

I took a pic too!

9 oranges

Obviously a bullshit story.
True story was my kid was running around in one of her ballet recital costumes and we had a bunch of oranges laying on the counter and my camera was out.
I said “Hey, wanna make some art?”
She said “yes, what kind?”
I said “Photo art. You will be the art. Sound cool?”
“Sure” she said.
Our dog tried to help too, but I didn’t want to include her.
So that is the photo story.
I made two cool photo manipulations from the above photo.
The first one is this simple dot pattern halftone piece.
9 Oranges Halftone by Aarron Laidig
The other is this color one where I digitally over-painted the original photo.
9 Oranges by Aarron Laidig Digital Art
Though the color one took a lot more work than simply turning my original photo file into a dot pattern black and white half tone… I dig the halftone piece more myself. I always love that look though. I especially like it for large sized poster prints. I think it comes from the ra I grew up in when it was a common thing.
Anyways, you can get prints of either of these awesomely cool photo manipulations HERE.

~ by Aarron on February 2, 2015.

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  1. Very cool!

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